Fly High in Panama City Beach!

Parasailing is a thrilling recreational activity! Typically you're launched from a boat with a parachute attached to a harness. Once up in the air sit back and relax for a peaceful ride along the coastline. You'll get a birds-eye view and a memory to last a lifetime. Parasailing is fun, safe and great for the family. Book a your Destin parasailing adventure when your visiting the beaches.

Parasailing is safe and fun for the entire family

Parasailing is typically available during the Spring and Summer months in Panama City Beach, FL. Parasailing is a popular activity when visiting the beaches and you'll find many companies along the strip that are offering tours. It has been rated one of the top things to do in Panama City Beach for several years. The activity is great for nearly all ages, but it's recommended that children under 6 not participate due to the thrill of the ride. Most rides last about 10 minutes in the air and you'll usually pair up with other guests. You can fly with friends as long as the weight is not too much. The parasail boats are much safer than in the past and you will launch and land from the boat.

Parasailing Reviews from

Great Time
"We had a great time para sailing very peaceful and the kids loved it. The only complaint is we paid for two three dip rides and one group only got dipped two times. Our son felt a little cheated."
Wade Wheeler - Georgetown, KY

Everything Was Great
"Was great, very nice people to talk to and had no problems"
Michelle Fightmaster - Nashville, TN

Flying High in PCB!
" When we originally booked this trip, we didn't know what parasailing even was (we are from Alabama and we NEVER vacation). The people from TripShock were very informative before we booked the activity and also told us of some other fun things to do while in Panama City. Anyway, we booked the parasail trip and the next day we got a call to confirm the time and where we needed to go. When we got their, we signed a release form and took off. There were about 8 people on the boat with us and we all took turns going up for about 10 minutes or so. My boyfriend and I went up together. We gave our camera to our friends to take pictures as we were going up. Overall, good experience and we'll do it again next time we visit PCB."
Steve Briggs - Texarkana, TX